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What Makes Tifecta So Different?

As a personal fitness and skills training system  Trifecta’s power lies in its structure who’s primary aim is deliver you a workable skills set backed by base level of mobility & fitness in just 28 days.

What you’re about to discover is a new and very different approach to boxing and fitness cross training methods that generate steady and predictable growth for you from your training, ditch the mindess bag workouts and treadmills and get the results you deserve in everything from Weight loss to fitness & Combat skills development.

Our training sessions are based on over 30+ year Fitness and training experience, trifecta personal training sessions bring together all the excitement of a dynamic fast paced workout while keeping your training technical & fresh, by teaching you the very same skills, drills & exercises practiced by today’s top conditioned athletes.

Trust the sytem

Unmatched metabolic training sessions where you’ll burn up to 800 calories per session keeping your metabolism in overdrive long after you are done your session.

Build on our experince

Instead of paying for “weekend courses” to earn personal training certifications, our coachers all hold over 20 years training experience and world class credentials in their fields, studying, teaching and competing amongst the very elite on the world stage.

Plug yourself into proven results

We take a modern approach to training nutrition and recovery so you’ll get the most out of every session, and avoid the most common slip ups that most people just try to push through with more effort.

” Originally studying with me as a competitive athlete, I love watching the way Patrick and the team at trifecta
made the changes needed to have my boxing system work for everyone from fitness fanatic to competitive athlete looking for the edge.”

Leo Cassimero

The Break-Through training system Trusted By The Those Who Can’t Settle for Less

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Step 4 – Get started on the program setup to deliver you maximum results where you need them most.


How much is just going through the motions or procrastination with your health really costing you? How much is having little to no direction in your workouts hurting your motivation and drive to keep pushing towards your goals? How many potential new random instagram  workouts have you tried looking for the next big thing? A lack of guidance is already costing you a great deal.

Call for your free consultation so we can learn more about what you are looking to do and formulate a plan tha works best fro your schedule and budget