Years Ago, One of Our Trainers Came Up With This Great Idea to Combine Boxing with Mobility and Resistance Training…


These Sessions Literary Turn Regular People Into Athletes



Our trainers aren’t just world-class experts that deliver results, but are also so passionate and positive that it will be impossible for


You know what is the best training program? -The one that’s made for you. So instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to


It’s hard to admit, but not even our training can help you reach your full potential if your diet is not on point. That’s where

Life-Changing Fitness Training in the Heart of Mississauga

We’ve designed our Mississauga fitness studio with only one goal: To improve the health, fitness and overall quality of life for people in the Greater Toronto Area. No matter your fitness level, our supportive and highly skilled team willhold your hand every step of the way and guide you towards your goals.It will be nothing like methods you’ve tried before – that’s for sure. Our workouts are so fun and packed with positive energy that you will actually look forward to the next session and enjoy the process as much as the results.


Have you ever seen a boxing movie or a boxing/MMA match? If so, you’ve probably noticed that, with few exceptions, fighters have the most amazing physiques. Unfortunately, those bodies come at a high price – beating. That’s why we decided develop a system that will give regular people a chance to get in fighting shape without even stepping into the ring. Our motto is: “You don’t have to get hit to get fit’. You’ll torch up to 800 calories per hour with our expertly designed boxing sessions. Relieve stress, tone and chisel your body, all while learning the skills and drills that make boxers some of the fittest athletes on the planet.


Not only will you build muscle and strength, you’ll also build power, improve your posture, develop agility. And no, our resistance training won’t make you ‘bulky. Backed by the science of “E.P.O.C.” (or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), these workouts will actually boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours post-workout, which means you’ll be burning extra calories long after your workout is over.


Scientists say that “sitting is the new smoking.” In today’s screen-bound world, with so many hours spent glued to an office chair or car seat, you are considered an active person if you take the stairs instead of the elevator every once in a while. However, our bodies weren’t made for this lifestyle and it certainly doesn’t have positive effect on our health. The best cure for this disease is mobility training. We at Trifecta get the job done by unlocking the common restrictions in the hip, back and shoulder area to get you moving and feeling your best.


That old cliché is true – You really can’t out-exercise a bad diet, so optimizing the fuel you put in your body is crucial. With the help of our industry leading experts from the ALP fitness institute,youʼll be joining thousands of satisfied members who are not only building powerful physiques, but have also learned how to live healthy and eat clean. Powered by the experts at Precision Nutrition.

Our Clients’ Results Speak for Themselves

bonnie came to trifecta to tone up and get more athletic

Did We Mention Our 30-Day Result Guarantee

Yes, we are so confident in our services that we are willing to offer you a 30-day, no-question result guarantee. Simply, if you are not satisfied with your results after first month of working with us, you don’t need to pay anything. In other words, if you’ve come this far and the only thing holding you back from getting started is the cost – you can relax. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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