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 Mobility & FitnessTraining (Look, move and feel better than you have in years)

Scientists say that “sitting is the new smoking.” In today’s screen-bound world, with so many hours spent glued to an office chair or car seat, focusing on mobility training can go a long way towards countering these adverse effects. We at Trifecta get the job done by unlocking the common restrictions in the hip, back and shoulder areas to get you moving and feeling your best.

BOXING AND KICKBOXING (Tone and Chisel your body While Mastering Technical Skills)   

With Trifecta boxing training, you don’t have to get hit to get fit. You’ll torch up to 800 calories per hour with our expertly designed boxing sessions! Relieve stress, tone and chisel your body, all while learning the skills and drills that make boxers some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

Strengthen and Build with Resistance Training

Not only will you build muscle and strength, you’ll also build power, improve your posture, develop agility. Backed by the science of “E.P.O.C.” (or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), our resistance training workouts boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours post-workout. This means you’ll be burning extra calories long after your workout is over.

Life changing Fitness Training in the heart of Mississauga             

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We’ve designed our Mississauga fitness studio with the specific aim of improving the health, fitness and quality of life for people in the Greater Toronto Area.

No matter your fitness level, our supportive and highly skilled team is ready to guide you towards your goals with an innovative approach to training that takes the chore out of working out and have you ready for more. 


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Results Guarantee

We work hard to deliver results so not wasting your time is very important to us. If you’ve come this far and the only thing holding you back from getting started is the cost, We make the choice a no brainer with our 30 day result guarantee.

Boxing & Kickboxing Skills Training

Hop off the treadmill and take your Cardio to the next level, with our skill based Boxing and Kickboxing training sessions. At Trifecta “You Don’t have to get hit to be fit” but this is no cardio boxing session!! We cover everything you would need to need to step in the ring. Arming you with all the skills and drills that make Boxers & MMA fighters some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

Strength and Conditioning

Using the science of E.P.O.C, our Mississauga strength & conditioning sessions tone the body, build strength and boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours after you are done your workout.


It is hard to outwork a bad diet, so optimizing the fuel you put in your body is crucial. With the help of our industry leading experts from the ALP fitness institute youʼll be joining thousands of satisfied members who are not only building powerful physiques, they have learned how to live healthy and eat clean. Powered by the experts at Precision Nutrition.

Training That Delivers Results






Trifecta Training System is a truely unique way to build towards your Fitness, Technical and Lifestyle goals. Get started by filling out the contact box to the right for your free intro




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Kettlebell 101 class

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