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Where Do You Want Training To Take You

Your goals. Your program. Your results.

Start training for lasting results with the Trifecta Fitness System

Have you noticed that all the competitive boxers and MMA fighters you see on TV are in phenomenal shape?

These men and women are muscular, lean, strong, and not overly bulky (a common concern for our female clients). They also move with power, agility, and demonstrate amazing endurance.

At Trifecta, our hybrid approach to training gives you the chance to enjoy the same results without ever having to step into the ring.

Get in shape with our fat-blasting, skill-based, strength-building workouts that keep people coming back for more.

  • Improved focus & energy
  • Fat loss & muscle tone
  • Increased speed, strength & agility
  • More self-confidence
  • Better balance and spatial awareness
  • Improved muscle endurance
  • Reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease & metabolic syndrome

enjoy all these benefits and more in a fraction of the time that most spend at the gym:


We are Not another Bootcamp

Super important we clarify this right off the top

At Trifecta, the only person you’re competing with is yourself. This means you’ll focus on doing better than you did yesterday. 


Forget the rest of the pack and start making your training about YOU

Your goals, Your Program, Your Results



Real World Experience

More than just weekend-certified coaching staff, we’ve put together a highly skilled team of motivated coaches who are armed with cutting-edge, real-world knowledge and experience from the fields of fitness, nutrition and combat sports.

claude patrick mississauga first and only mma expert program director of trifecta training system

As life-long students, we continue to study with many of the best in the industry to steadily expand our knowledge base and continue delivering the reliable results we are known for.

Flexible scheudules

Trifecta Fitness Systems offers flexible schedules so timing and location are not a problem

  • Personal training at our facility or yours  (Mississauga,Toronto, Oakvile,Etobicoke)
  • Group classes
  • Open gym time

Plus 24/7 email support for our clients.

You'll Start Where You Need it Most



We work hard to keep our clients injury-free, which means building a strong foundation before progressing to the next level. We take the time to assess your:

  • Mobility
  • Base strength
  • Flexibility & cardiovascular fitness

All are vital elements in a program designed to safely deliver steady and reliable results on all fronts.

Fuelled by the passion of helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals, Our Mississauga fitness studio swaps out the endless treadmill and stair-master “cardio” workouts in exchange for with a unique combination of Boxing, kickboxing and MMA to burn amazing amounts of body fat while at the same time keeping you motivated and engaged by teaching you great new skills…

I have never been so motivated and so stimulated from working out until I came to this gym. I knew nothing about boxing or MuaY Thai and I am absolutely addicted, you get that one on one training that you can’t get anywhere else, the group environment is motivating, everyone is friendly and the instructors are pretty incredible. I have switched over from GoodLife and I don’t see myself going back, this is the place to be to get in wicked shape and have a blast working out!

Andrea Reade

Most of the time when you hear great reviews about how good the training is at this gym or that, you take it with a grain of salt. But the coaches, training and team not only lived up to the hype, they’ve far surpassed my expectations. With the skills and training from the coaching staff I’ve found success in competition, I’ve lost weight, and i’ve become physically and mentally stronger. I only wish I had started sooner.

Thar Rector

I have been training with Claude for several months now.  I’ve always found him to be very professional and positive.  He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and varies our workouts for the best results.  I really enjoy our boxing sessions where I not only have fun, but learn proper technique.  Claude always expects me to do my best and doesn’t give up on me when I’m not giving my all. After his advice to also add proper nutrition to my program, I have dropped over ten pounds.  I look forward to our sessions and know that I will continue to drop the pounds as I tone my body and enjoy our personalized workouts.   



Elena b

Student Focused, science backed training

Getting started is easy with our free intro consultation that includes a tour of the facility so you can see exactly what makes us so unique, and the only gym of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area.

And there’s absolutely no obligation. We won’t use any sleazy high-pressure tactics to try to convince you to join because we’re truly confident in the results that so many of our clients have achieved with Trifecta Fitness Systems.

We are your premier choice when it comes to skill-based, results-driven fitness in the Mississauga area.

“Change Your Life With The Ultimate Cross Training System”

 Boxing / Kickboxing ♦ Resistance and Mobility work ♦ Cutting Edge Nutrition 

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