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Oct 11
Metabolic training

Hey Everyone

Feedback about the kettle-bell 101 training has been very insightful. I dropped the surveys last week to the academy email list and got back results that told me a lot about the direction members want to take things in terms of the fitness program.

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hip hinge workshop @ trifecta training mississauga

Seems the people got it right

Before the survey we were pretty strongly fixed on sticking to the Kettle-bell as the topic of the sessions but in reality there are a lot of other tools and modalities members here have access to and getting the most out of the gym goes hand in hand with actually understanding the tools of the trade.

mississauga elite fitness tools

With Trifecta being a open ended hybrid cross training system it only makes sense that we expand the topics to help everyone get better idea of how to do things even more importantly WHY we are doing things..

Its probably going to take more than this series of classes to make you fitness program designer but I guarantee in terms of Flexion, Extension, Hinging and Rotation you wil certainly be better off and more knowledgeable so the next time your combing Instagram for the hottest new workout of the day you’ll be a lot better judge of whats working and whats a parlour trick:)


No matter how many like this gets it still belongs in the “questionable” category 🙂


Sessions will be the next 3 mondays starting  Monday October 16th @ 7pm covering the hip hinge and the wide world of applications having a solid understanding of it will open to you…

Workshops are free but you’ll need to reserve your spot here by filling out the contact form ———->  Registration here


Trifecta fitness foundations workshop #1
trifecta training centre, 1557 sedlescomb drive,mississauga,ontario-l4x 1m4
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October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017
first in a series of 4 FREE workshop going over all the key details skills and drill that makes trifecta training so effective. Day #1 covers the hip hinge vs squating motions and how we can plus this into an effective strength and conditioning plan. Mississauga's leader in fitness cross training is getting even better!!!
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