Kettlebell 101 class

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Oct 02

Trifecta Fitness Systems | Kettlebell 101 Intro Course coming soon 

Leaner , Faster, stronger working around a more active and well balanced core.. Full body functional fitness in the fraction of the time most you put into your workout?

Sounds like some midnight telemarketing fluff i admit but what would you say if i tool things even further and told you all that can be checked off the list using only 1 workout tool?

No treadmill for cardio or stair master for butt and lets but instead getting all that and more developing real full body functional fitness ??

Sounds pretty good right? Ok here’s how we get the job done.

pavel the leader of the kettlebell revolution

leader of the kettlebell revolution

Kettlebells done right are a super effective strength, balance, speed, and power development tool. Introduced to the general public in the west by Pavel tsouline the results speak for themself so these lil bells have gotten more popular with athletes of all types.

deadlifitng builds a strong core using kettlebells in this case

kettlebell deadlifts in action

I personally started working with them years ago on and off building my skill set but this weekend was the first official “course” on the topic.

It was 8 hours of education in the system of the world famous strongfirst system. Run team leader Granville Meyers and a solid group of assistant, we covered the key details that make the bells such a big part of the training for everyone from personal training clients all the way to groups in our mississauga fitness studio.

Clean and press

works the whole body starting with the foundational kettle-bell swing

A Turkish getup with just about half her body weight!!!


In a room that educated on the topic I took advantage of the got more than a few questions answered and now 100 percent  re-energized and focused on getting members educated on just how much these simple looking tools can help us in every department of physical training.

Slow and steady though, the plan is to start the sessions with 30 min  workshops with myself and coach Zarko (another early adopter of the kettlebell workouts and someone i know who has been using them 10+ years)

I realize getting started can be tricky so we are going to take a slow and steady approach to this one with weekly workshops slowing introducing new movements and skills before launching the official class and training club as part of the mississauga functional fitness scedule as requested on the member survey 🙂

Register with front desk or by emailing us directly here —-> kettle-bell 101 registration

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