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Jul 09
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Trifecta Training System | Imagine Better fitness without the Gimmics

Kettlbells in teh front at the trifecta training centre

We were on break in Mondays conditioning class when a team member mentioned she really liked a core stability drill we threw in the mix. she went on toe say

 “ok i’m totally going to get XYZ abs gizmo so I can practice these at home “..

right there in the middle of her sentence it hit me like brick in the head.

Quality fitness training doesn’t call for the latest greatest training devices, you honestly don’t need 80 percent of the stuff people go crazy buying

Don’t get me wrong it’s nice every once in a while to mix things up using some new toys in your workouts, but at the same time just like I told her, with the right fitness programming & time dedicated to building a solid base you can get the same and often better results without buying the latest gizmo.

take a quick look at friend and world class trainer Adam Lloyd making the most of a simple kettlebell with this hard hitting complex.. This is a great example of what im talking about right here hes getting a lot done with just a single tool.

The setup of the strength and conditioning room at trifecta and other functional fitness clubs speak to this. We’ve got literally everything you need to get the job done

  • 5000+ square feet of mats space for Body weight movements
  • Swiss and Bosu ball + Battling ropes
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Squat racks,
  • Trx , Kettle-bells and the Olympic lifting platforms

the best in personal training boxing kickboxing muay thai and metabolic training

Just like our boxing / kickboxing training our #1 focus is on structure and sensible programming.When you really break it down this is where the functional training part of our Mississauga studio goes above the random workouts of boot-camps and or group training.

Goal based strength training + mobility work & Boxing that wont leave you looking like rocky balboa??.. it looks like we’ve got a winner 🙂


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