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That Training Program You’ve Been Following Was Made for Someone Else. Let Us Create One Specifically for You

The Danger of Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Training

Discount “fitness” clubs, boot-camps and online training programs have one thing in common: They all offer one-size-fits-all solutions that work for SOME people.
Sure, these cookie-cutter programs are fine if you have a strong technical foundation in place to safely get the most out of your training, but more often than not you will end up burnt out, or worse yet, sidelined with overuse or even acute injuries, setting you back even more. Technique and progression go out the window in exchange for a quick burnout.
On the other side, our clients come to us at different levels of fitness, with their own unique limitations and challenges that we carefully take into account before creating a program that is tailor-made for their bodies. This approach brings results and saves people from unnecessary injuries.

A 3-Step Process to Your New, Fit and Powerful Body

At Trifecta, we give you all the tools you need to safely and gradually hit your goals, one step at a time—whether that’s fat loss, moving better, skill development or improved athletic performance.

We use a variety functional fitness tools in the 3 key areas to help you build a strong, well-rounded foundation regardless of your current fitness or technical level.


If you can’t stand the thought of stepping on a treadmill, this calorie-torching cardio alternative is for you. Not just that you will burn more calories and have way more fun doing it, but will also master the technique and learn the skills and drills used by some of the best-conditioned athletes around.
This technical, skills-based approach to boxing will keep you engaged as you build on what you’ve learned in your last session, while relieving stress, toning your body and burning up to 800 per hour without ever getting hit.


What’s the point of looking good if you don’t feel good?
Our Personal assessments will give us all the info we need to target your trouble spots with the precise exercises to eliminate pain and build flexibility and mobility.
We get you moving right by unlocking common restrictions in the hips, back and shoulders that are the result of everyday wear-and-tear from our modern lifestyles. Few sessions and you will feel and move like you haven’t in years.
At the same time, we’ll focus on expanding your range of motion so you can safely perform complex lifts and get the maximum benefit from your training.
Most importantly, regardless what type of member you are here at Trifecta, you will get a tailor-made training program that targets your specific issues and goals.


Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, lifting weights is the key to changing your body composition while developing strength, power, agility, and even improving your posture.
And no, ladies, lifting weights won’t make you bulky! In fact, it’s the secret behind the lean and toned physiques you see on the covers of fitness magazines.
Our trainers will make sure you perform every single rep with perfect technique instead of just swinging around heavy weights like most people in regular gyms do. This approach won’t just save you from injuries, but will also build you lean muscle faster.
Plus, these functional movement based workouts will send your metabolism into overdrive, so you will be burning calories hours after your workout is finished.

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