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So Really Why Even Bother Boxing?

With the blog here just getting under way i figure it a good idea i take the opportunity to outline exactly the a few key points to help going forward 🙂

They are

  • who – part 2
  • what – part 3
  • why – part 1 this post
  • how – part 4

I realise that’s a bit scattered and probably not what most people would do but just like in training.. it’s best to start with an answer to the question WHY?

OK so WHY Boxing and MMA at Trifecta Fitness Systems?

For the uninitiated, boxing may seem to be nothing more than two guys  in a ring trying to hit each other. And i totally see how that may not appeal to most people as a go to fitness too.It’s still really important to layout a few reasons why Boxing so popular

Great for stress relief and self defence coincidentally enough boxing is  also the #1 cross training tool world for everyone from  actors and models to stay at home parents and professional hockey athletes who demand the very best in results from their workouts

mississauga personal training for women with boxing

Super model Adriana Lima getting her rounds in on the pads


Boxing’s Works Your Core Like Nothing Else

lets jsut admit it one of the major reasons people think about boxing is how fit the fighters generally looks..  I get it and agree body composition wise thats tough to beat but do you really want to step in the ring an brawl on your 3rd class just to get fit? Or on the flip side stand in front of punching bag left top swing wildly until fatigued with little to know technical correction?

i cant speak for you but neither of those sounds to appealing to me.

The good news is there is a better way and we’ve got it but il leave that for later. For now lets get back to the core

A lot more to core work than just crunches ,trifecta training covers all the bases.

Trifecta training systems takes a science based approach to core work, developing your core on several planes so you have a strong stable and functional core even that isnt enough if your body fat levels are to high so that combo of that plus the interval cardio work done in the rest of the training brings out the look like very few other workouts can.

Mississauga trifecta boxing training delivers results

trifecta fitness training take a look at the core from all angles


Boxing & MMA Training Burns Calories Like Crazy

footwork, bag work, pad work, road work all share one thing in common, its all WORK and it all burns calories in a big ways to fuel the process.

Of-course exceptions to the rule but generally you wont find a lot of fat boxers out there. It’s very, very hard to keep love handles, a neck turkey or other problem spots while training regularly because of how hard you work your body and number of energy systems used the combination of

  • our skills training
  •  conditioning
  • resistance training & custom nutrition deliver unreal results going far beyond what you’d probably see by yourself just training at a boxing or mma gym.

** many in HITT school of through are singing the praises of 3-1 interval (funny since boxing operates on that same 3 mins on 1 min off ratio) and according to many it and i quote “turns your body into fat burning super engine”.. the most famous interval today would likely be the Tabata (2:1 ratio) we mix things up based on the individual as there is really no set magic number and as your fitness level changes so does your protocol at trifecta.

Massive stress relief

If you work a job that pumps you full of stress all day, you need to find an outlet. Stress can literally take years off your life, but lacing up the gloves and letting it all go with a trainer ont he focus mitts or bags / sparring is an exceptional outlet that will have you literally feel that stress melting away in no time.

Epic boost in confidence 

I’m not suggesting you start walking around with a chip on your shoulder but better overall fitness, energy levels and technical boxing skill have time and again brought out hidden confidence in members of our team. I’ve seen participants of all ages come to the gym to shy to speak and a few sessions later totally engaged in the process of training and helping other member to their goals and through the session.

It takes a team and at Trifecta we run things in a team based structure.

Lets not overlook how important self defence is too. Boxers by far see the most strikes thrown at them of all combat styles so you learn real , distance, balance, fear management, and coordination on an entirely different level once you are in the mix of the foundations of our Mississauga boxing sessions.

Again not selling you on the idea of fighting anyone but if push comes to shove it’s a fairly good bet that you are far better off with these skills than without them. Knowing how to throw a punch well, much less combinations, you can end the fight before it starts.

As you will notice, boxing is more than just kicks or throwing punches. People from different walks of different backgrounds regularly box with us in the trifecta training program. You initial motivation will be unique but one thing is for sure training with the team at trifecta you will see massive fitness and technical results and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back it up


If you’ve read this far what i’m describing has caught your eye which is great id like to invite you to check us out at Trifecta fitness and learn how we have flipped the script on boxing training in GTA area. call us at 416-910-6175 or register for your intro session and facility tour by clicking here

thanks see you soon with part 2 of our foundations post explaining a bit more of exactly who we are and what our motivation is behind taking things in this totally new direction for personal training and fitness program design