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  • Movement screen and benchmark assessment that will help us determine problem areas and give us all the info we need to put together the best program possible ($129 value – FREE)
  • Introductory personal training session, your chance to see firsthand what makes Trifecta the Cities fastest growing fitness cross training system. Prepare for the best workout of your life. (FREE) Again, there’s absolutely no strings attached and we won’t use any sleazy high-pressure tactics to try to convince you to join. Instead, we will let our one-of-a-kind studio, our clients’ results and our trainers’ unmatchable energy do all the persuading.
  • Important: Y​​​ou Do Not Need to Be in a Good Shape in Order to Start

That’s like learning to drive on your own before going to driving school – Doesn’t make sense.

This way, you are not just wasting time, but also risking injury.

Remember: The greatest secret to success is getting started.

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